About Us


Our Vision and Mission

Our vision is to be the best, most effective, comprehensive, and innovative Martial Arts organization which will maximize human potential, and serve as the unifying vehicle of peace, harmony, and mutual respect between all citizens of the world.

Our mission is to serve and empower our community through the skills, knowledge, and wisdom of Bushi Ban. This is accomplished by providing well-defined, goal oriented, event driven, consumer friendly, high energy, world class Martial Arts training.


Bushi Ban International Black Belt Schools – Instilling Black Belt Excellence

What does it mean to be a Bushi Ban Black Belt School?

Being a Bushi Ban Black Belt School means the same thing as being a Black Belt. A Bushi Ban Black Belt School strives towards excellence in all endeavors whether in the classroom, the office, or the community. Being a Bushi Ban Black Belt means more than being able to defend oneself in a time of need. It also requires one to exhibit high moral character that stands as an example to those individuals in and out of the Martial Arts school. When you commit to the Black Belt program, you have committed to becoming a Bushi Ban Black Belt.
Being a Bushi Ban Black Belt School means that we have set a goal that every student makes it to Black Belt. Being a Bushi Ban Black Belt School is very important to us! It is very important that every student sets his or her MINIMUM goal of achieving a Bushi Ban Black Belt. We are committed to our student’s success and growth and are committed to helping them achieve their Bushi Ban Black Belt goal. We will never give up on a student and we will never quit!
To date, we have graduated over 3,000 Bushi Ban Black Belts worldwide!


General Description

The Bushi Ban International logo symbolizes the philosophy behind the style. The underlying idea is to build a better world by studying the system of Bushi Ban. The improvement starts from within the actual student. By gaining significant understanding of the following: Self-Respect, Confidence, Love of Nature, Courtesy, Discipline, Respect for others, the importance of a healthy mind and body, Loyalty, Dedication, Commitment, and a non-confrontational attitude toward problem solving. The logo represents the world, its numerous cultures, religions, people, and nature. The persons shown in the background are equally divided between the globe and are bowing to reinforce the idea that all persons are created equal. The act of bowing displays mutual respect, understanding and willingness to cooperate. The olive branches depict nature and peace and throughout the world.
The Black Belt itself, represents Martial Arts and the color, black, portrays the completion of a stage of training. Additionally, the globe represents a never-ending process of learning and improvement as well as an unbreakable bond.



Detailed Description

The Bushi Ban Logo encompasses all the fundamentals that make up Bushi Ban Martial Arts, system and philosophy. It depicts the ideas that all Bushi Ban Students will attain when studying the system. The technicalities of the Bushi Ban system are absent in the logo itself.

The Belt

The Black Belt represents a person studying the Martial Arts. The actual color of the belt is symbolic of the student receiving sound basics and the readiness for advancement. The knot in the belt holds the special bond that grows between the teacher and the student. The fact that the ends are not connected shows that the student is always open to learning and that their journey is never complete. The right tip of the belt is for receiving knowledge and the left tip is for giving back the knowledge to others. These tips hang down to show humility. The belt flowing into the leaves shows that a martial artist is always striving for peace.

The Olive Branches

These are the universal symbols for peace. The green color displays the idea of respect for nature. The dark circle towards the inner side of the leaves represents the world. The lines that make up the divisions portray the various nations, races and religions. The idea behind the belt and the branches being on the outside of the circle is that martial artists everywhere should fill the world with the peace that they themselves have attained through Martial Arts.

The Two People

The act of bowing is a sign of mutual respect for one another. Therefore, the persons in the center are showing their respect for each other, not only as human beings, but also as fellow martial artists with a common goal. Notice the center line that divides the two persons. This shows that even though they may come from different places with varying ideas and views, they share the bond promoted by the martial arts. The fact that the division of the persons is equal means that all human beings, regardless of race, sex, religion, or national origin should be treated with the same amount of respect. The blue color of the background gives the idea of water which sustains life. Thus, all of the fundamentals of martial arts should flow into our lives as well as others to make the world a better place.

In summary, the philosophy of Bushi Ban is to spread universal peace and mutual respect for all living creatures great and small and all nature that surrounds us and within ourselves to become humble, caring, and loving individuals so we can make the world a better place.