Bushi Ban International Program

Allow Me to Thank You for Choosing Bushi Ban!

Let me be the first to welcome you to an organization with over 40 years of experience in providing the absolute best Martial Arts, fitness, and health & wellness instruction available. Our amazing staff and I take great pride in each and every one of our diverse and unique programs, our amazing students, and the world-class facilities and equipment we teach with. Allow me to explain who we are and what sets us apart.
The name Bushi Ban is derived from 3 separate words: Bushi-Do (Japanese warrior spirit & martial ways), Bando (an ancient Burmese system of martial discipline), and Bana (an ancient Martial Arts system of India, meaning “The Blending Way”). Hence, the name Bushi Ban has come to mean “The Way of the Disciplined Warrior” or “Warrior’s Discipline.”
The Bushi Ban system is rich in history, traditions, and experience that benefit our students in many developmental ways, including physical & mental fitness, health & wellness, athletic competition, self-defense, life skills & values, character building, personal development, and so much more. Our goal is to make sure all our students become well-rounded individuals who continually seek growth and knowledge through the Martial Arts and are willing to work hard to achieve their goals through dedication, adaptability, and perseverance.
Our students range in age from 3 years old to over 80 years young and encompass all genders, faiths, orientations, professions, and walks of life. There’s something for everyone at Bushi Ban, whether you’re looking for the strengthening self-defense training found in our primary Martial Arts classes, the challenge of our Fighter’s Elite MMA, conditioning your body with our Power Kickboxing classes, or want to enjoy a more relaxing, spiritual experience like those found in our Wellness Tai Chi and YogaBan classes, there is something here for the whole family to enjoy. Plus, if you’re a parent looking to build your child’s confidence, self-esteem, and fitness, we offer excellent afterschool programs, year-long camps, and youth Martial Arts programs.
So please, let me congratulate you again on launching your warrior’s journey to better health, and thank you for choosing Bushi Ban. I hope to see you out on the mats very soon!

Grand Master Zulfi Ahmed

Little Warriors

The Journey Begins

Our specialized Little Warriors program is a powerful, age-specific curriculum that has been professionally designed over four decades to lay the foundations of your little fighter’s future strength, health, and happiness. They will learn basic Martial Arts techniques, self-defense principles, and vital life lessons in a fun, safe, exciting, high energy, and incredibly enriching environment.
Our secret to teaching your child while keeping them engaged and having fun is a unique method we call Martial-tainment. We capitalize on your child’s eagerness to learn and play by engaging them in kid-friendly Martial Arts activities that are as constructive as they are fun. Your child will romp and roll, but also be encouraged to focus and absorb key life lessons that will help them grow and mature.
Little Warrior activities also keep your child physically fit and teach by example the benefits of good behavior, practicing hard, making friends, and building teamwork. But, best of all, our curriculum will help them apply these values of confidence, manners, and trying their best whether at home or at school, and wherever they go in life.

Youth Martial Arts

Build a strong future!

At Bushi Ban, we teach children the fundamentals of our proven system through a meticulously designed combination of time-tested Eastern Martial Arts philosophies and modern Western teaching methods. The resulting system is jam-packed with forms, self-defense & sparring techniques, kicks, punches, blocks, counters, grappling, and much more to not only teach your child physical fitness and martial skill, but also integrity, self-esteem, and the mental fortitude to face real world problems head on as they grow into upstanding teens and adults.
They will learn the value of self-defense and self-confidence, develop character and increase coordination, experience intense achievement and accomplishment, and learn to battle peer pressure in a fun and energetic environment.
Additionally, they will learn leadership skills that set them up for lifelong success and superior performance in any path they may choose. Our students are taught to face life confidently with the ability to not only protect themselves, but to seize their futures!

Teen Martial Arts

Elite Martial Training!

Bushi Ban’s Teen Martial Arts program is a continuation of Youth Martial Arts and is a great starting point for teens looking to become stronger, faster, more disciplined, and who want to join a vast community of ambitious individuals dedicated to bettering themselves, their communities, and their futures.
In this program, you will learn advanced self-defense techniques, katas, kicks, punches, blocks, counters, sparring, grappling, weaponry, escape tactics, extreme Martial Arts, and much more.
We will condition your body and your mind to stand strong before any obstacle, be it physical or mental, and to take the Bushi Ban values of kindness, strength, adaptability and health into every aspect of your journey into adulthood.
In addition, you will be able to join and participate in our many exciting events, including competitions, training days, beach days, leadership seminars, and more on your journey to reach Black Belt level!

Adult Martial Arts

Discover Your Inner Power!

The responsibilities of being an adult can often lead to stress, lack of exercise, unhealthy dieting, feelings of stagnation, and lower productivity. Luckily, there’s Bushi Ban! Our adult Martial Arts training system is a fun, challenging, and rewarding way to combat and conquer all of life’s stressors while embracing a modern take on an ancient system of martial defense that will lend purpose and concrete progress to your hard work.
After just a few short days, we guarantee you will feel more strength, energy, and stamina. Then, as you rise through our belt system, you will experience improved flexibility, balance, coordination, mental clarity, and spiritual purpose. You will lose weight, feel great, and earn yourself a longer, healthier life to spend doing what you love with like-minded people. Best of all, you will learn how to protect both your loved ones and you from the dangers ever-present in our modern society.
The Bushi Ban Adult Martial Arts program has been in the making centuries, resulting in a well-balanced blend of both ancient and modern practices, principles, and philosophies that strengthen one’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We’ve taken great care to preserve the age-old wisdom of Martial Arts masters and systems while combining them with up-to-date training principles to produce what we firmly believe to be the most effective Martial Arts system in the world. The results are clear!

After School Program

Better than Day Care!

Our afterschool program is the perfect way to keep your children active and learning while you finish up your busy day. We provide the same high-quality services of a dedicated day care, but with the added benefits of martial arts training, play time with obstacle courses, drills, games, academic support, and more.
Plus, we pick up your child directly from their school in one of our safe and clearly marked Bushi Ban vans, driven by a licensed & caring Bushi Ban staff member.
Once at Bushi Ban, we provide time for snacks & homework, fun games for all to play, and then launch into a thrilling Martial Arts & fitness class.
Did you know learning Martial Arts is proven to nurture & improve a child’s self-esteem, confidence, character, & leadership skills? Well it does! These are vital values that will help your child succeed throughout the rest of their life, and we teach them every day in every way.

Spring Summer Fall Winter Camps

Fun, Fitness, & Learning!

Afraid your child will spend their entire break motionless in front of a screen? Well we have your back! Bushi Ban offers a slew of fun, active, energizing camps to keep their bodies moving and minds improving.
Each day’s schedule is overflowing with activities designed to place equal emphases on fun, exercise, & critical thinking activities.
Campers engage in skill-building Martial Arts classes, go on exciting field trips to museums, arcades, and amusement parks (just to name a few), participate in group games that encourage teamwork and problem solving, express themselves through artistic craft projects, have parties, compete in tournaments, and much more. We promise they’ll never be bored!
Sign your child up today for any of our four camp seasons, each conveniently timed to coincide with your child’s major school holidays.

Self Defense

Learn to Protect Yourself & Your Family!

We live in a dangerous and often unpredictable world where nothing is more frightening than the prospect of being attacked without the skills to escape or disable your assailant. Real life SITUATIONAL self-defense is not like the movies. There is no script and there are no retakes. That’s why it’s key to know exactly how to respond with AWARENESS in any situation to the point of muscle memory.
In our self-defense class, we will hone your situational awareness of potential dangers, teach you to anticipate and avoid them in the first place, and develop STRATEGY should the worst occur, how to execute rapid disabling and disarming techniques that could save you or your loved ones from victimhood.
No matter the situation, the body type of your attacker, or the number of them, you need to know the best ways to protect yourself. Let Bushi Ban teach you these practical skills and feel safer wherever you go.

Power Kickboxing

A Total Body Workout!

Get ready to sweat! Bushi Ban’s Power Kickboxing program will not only tone your muscles, sculpt your body, and help you lose weight, but it will also help you feel younger and more energetic in all aspects of your life. If you stick with our classes, you will earn and experience stress relief, fat loss, improved strength, increased flexibility, sharpened coordination, and higher self-confidence.
Muscle & Fitness Magazine rates fitness kickboxing as the #1 fat burner of any popular group cardio workout, and with over 800 calories burned on average in our one-hour class, it’s clear why!
Our program’s main focus is still having fun, however, and doing so with kindred spirits on their own journey to physical health. All experience and fitness levels are welcome, whether you can work a bag for 30 seconds or an hour. We’ll get you there!
Exercise regimens performed in group settings with inspiring instructors and the accountability to show up are proven to be more successful than ones embarked upon alone. Join Power Kickboxing and see results from your hard work today!

Grappling + Jiu Jitsu

Build Muscle & Wrestle to Victory!

Jiu Jitsu, wrestling, and other forms of grappling have been a part of self-defense and close quarters combat from their very inception. At Bushi Ban, we teach a unique blend of grappling that is a fusion of Brazilian & , stamina, and strength to new levels and immerse you in a variety of up close, hands-on combat situations with other martial artists of differing heights and weights. Knowing how to wrestle any opponent will not only greatly improve your physical strength, it will teach you how to strategize under pressure and hold your own long enough to execute a retaliation and either escape or gain the upper hand.

Fighter’s Elite MMA

Unleash Your Inner Warrior!

Looking for total fitness, an extreme combat sport, or the ultimate self-defense? You’ve come to the right place! Our Fighter’s Elite MMA program has produced some of the best warriors in the world and is guaranteed to tear you down and forge you into the toughest, most capable version of yourself.
Our experienced instructors will build and hone your stamina, flexibility, strength, speed, conditioning, endurance, timing, coordination, balance, agility, reflexes, and much more through a variety of rigorous combative, strengthening, and conditioning exercises. Plus, we teach a mixture of both ground fighting and stand up Martial Arts. Whatever your MMA interests are, the Fighter’s Elite program will help you achieve your goals.
Recognized by Undefeated Magazine as Professional MMA School of the Year, Bushi Ban facilities are specially equipped to unleash the MMA champion in you.
So let’s test your mettle. Join the Fighter’s Elite program today!


Relax & Stretch to Better Health!

If you’re looking for a low impact, body strengthening workout with a focus on breathing, flexibility, and mental clarity, then YogaBan is for you! This specialized yoga class, taught by a Bushi Ban Black Belt licensed in yoga instruction, is a calm, feel-good program for both martial artists and anyone else that wants to reconnect mind and body.
Practicing yoga stimulates the body and results in relaxation, lower blood pressure, better sleep, weight loss, and much more. Based around improved breathing techniques, blood flow, and recovery rate, YogaBan’s dynamic movements will help lubricate your joints, loosen stiff, knotted muscles, and build better posture by working on both your core strength and internal awareness.
Best of all, our class is built in respect to all our other martial arts programs and caters to the flexibility needed to succeed as a martial artist. With YogaBan, you can destress and rejuvenate while exploring the basics of yoga and proper body alignment in a fun, communal environment. All ages and body types welcome!

Wellness Tai Chi

Wisdom & Flow in Body & Mind!

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese Martial Art primarily practiced for its proven ability to relax and destress the body, mind, & spirit. As opposed to ‘hard’ Martial Arts like Karate, Tai Chi is considered a ‘soft’ Martial Art, perfect for those seeking to ease tension, improve circulation & blood pressure, and strengthen muscles & joints through easy, slow, full-body movements.
Tai Chi requires less flexibility than yoga and is perfect for those seeking a laid back, relaxing hour of calming exercise, or those recovering from an injury or illness and looking to reengage with and strengthen their body safely. Anyone in need of peaceful, purposeful, non-aggressive physical activity will benefit!
As you hold your ball of healing energy and move calmly through Tai Chi’s many flowing motions, you will achieve a sense of tranquility and balance that will begin to wash away the worries and pains pent up inside you. You will feel more in tune with your body, and, eventually, more at peace with yourself.

Private Lessons

One-on-One Tutelage!

Bushi Ban is proud to offer private lessons to those seeking help or knowledge in any of our programs or on their own Martial Arts journey. Private lessons are a great way for anyone to receive one-on-one instruction at the convenience of their own schedule, as well as for students struggling with a technique or concept to become better prepared for evaluations, tests, competitions, school talent shows, or simply rising to the next level.
Although our instructors give hands-on time to each of their students in group classes, learning each student’s individual strengths and weaknesses in order to help teach accordingly, the customized training and personal attention offered in private lessons is perfect for those learning at a different pace, be it faster or slower, and who may want to make extra progress toward achieving their Black Belt or other personal fitness or Martial Arts goals.

Birthday Parties

The Best Parties with a Kick!

We believe a child’s birthday is an incredibly important moment in their life; a time to celebrate all the things that make them a unique and wonderful person. Let Bushi Ban take care of your little warrior’s birthday this year and ensure it’s one for the books!
Bushi Ban birthdays are fun, exciting, entertaining, educational, affordable, and will free you from the time and stress always present when planning and executing a party on your own. We handle the setup, supplies, activities, food, cake, decorations, and more. Plus, we tailor the event to your preferences and your child’s interests, working together to choose a theme they and their friends will love and remember. Plus, the birthday boy or girl gets to cut the cake with a katana sword!
Contact your local Bushi Ban or ask your instructor or staff member for more information on how to start planning your party.
Please contact us at least 2 weeks in advance. We guarantee your child will cherish these memories the rest of their life!

Reviews & Testimonials

A Shining Example in the Martial Arts Industry

“Bushi Ban is such a wonderful system. I’ve been involved for 13 years at the Connecticut location and every time I come down to visit or train (in Houston) it’s like visiting family. Everyone is so respectful and courteous. Master Zulfi has not only led his business for over 35 years with full integrity but has also established himself and Bushi Ban as a shining example in the Martial Arts industry.”

Everyone is Welcome

“Bushi Ban has impacted my life in a very positive manner, from learning the art of discipline, to meeting new friends. I can say with full confidence everyone is welcome and are challenged to bring their best self and to learn and grow. It’s a place where you can go and feel safe, confident and eager to learn something new. If you want to meet wonderful people while excelling in fitness, then I challenge you to make a visit and learn something new.”

Like a Second Home

“Bushi Ban has been like a second home to my family and I for the past seven years. My kids started in the after-school program in Pearland just before kindergarten, and they enjoyed it so much that they often didn’t want to go home when I came to pick them up. I started the adult Martial Arts program two years later, and with hard work, dedication, and the encouragement of my Bushi Ban instructors and friends, I earned my black belt about three years later. The experience was so motivational that it inspired my husband to join Bushi Ban. The system is very broad, covering traditional Martial Arts, combative training (sparring, kickboxing, grappling, and MMA), and a number of different weapons, including bow staff, escrima sticks, sword, and kukri. We also learn about leadership, self-discipline, and health and fitness for life. There is so much to learn that it keeps things fun and exciting!”

Now I Can Practice Martial Arts with My Kids

“My wife and I have been so impressed with the discipline our son has learned through Sensei Brakke and Bushi Ban, as well as the fun he has in class, that we enrolled our 5-year-old daughter at Bushi Ban as well as myself. Now I can practice Martial Arts with my kids instead of just watching them practice. We love it! Thank you Bushi Ban and thank you Sensei Brakke!”

I Watched Her Grow in Strength

“Several years ago my daughter joined Bushi Ban in Pearland. I watched her grow in strength, discipline and self-confidence. She inspired me to join so I could increase my physical fitness, but Bushi Ban has given me so much more, even as. an adult. We are grateful for the many gifts our training has given us and the group of friends we have made.”

Takes Great Pride in What She Teaches

“These guys rock. My son loves them, and he has been going for the past 3 years and has learned so much. Master Alice is very patient and takes great pride in what she teaches in the class. I highly recommend them to everybody of any age!!!”

I’ve Grown to Feel a Part of a Tradition

“Before I found Bushi Ban, I was going through a hard time. As a guy fairly new to adulthood and who works alone, I was having trouble making friends, getting out of the house, and exercising. Bushi Ban gave me the physical and mental purpose and accountability I was seeking. Not only have I made new friends and become stronger in the Adult Martial Arts class, I’ve grown to feel a part of a tradition of self-defense and discipline reaching far back in time. Thanks Bushi Ban, Master Hassan, & Master Zulfi, for helping me find renewed purpose in my quest for health.”

Why Bushi Ban?

Classes for All Ages & Interests

Whether you’re 3 years old or 99 – Whether you want to learn how to defend yourself and your family or just want to get in shape – Whether you’re recovering from an injury and want a relaxing workout or are ready to spar harder and faster than you ever have in your life – Bushi Ban has a class for you!

Training from High-Ranking Masters

We’re proud of our family of high-ranking, professional Bushi Ban masters and instructors who are as diverse in their skillsets as they are in their countries of origin. Bushi Ban is an international school, which means we attract the best of the best from around the world to share their skills with our students.

World Class Facilities & Equipment

Each and every one of our locations is kept in tip top shape and designed specifically for safe, effective Martial Arts training. From our premium floor mats to our punching bags, dummies, lifting equipment, fighting cages, and more, you’ll have everything you need to train hard at Bushi Ban.

A System Built from Multiple Disciplines

The Bushi Ban self-defense system incorporates techniques and philosophies from a wide range of Martial Arts methods — both Eastern and Western — and focuses on what is most effective in real world applications. This way, we can equip you with the best techniques for a wider range of situations.

A Friendly, Positive Environment

As we’ve grown over the decades, one of our main missions has been to provide spaces where anyone can feel safe to try, fail, and succeed. Where everyone is welcome and supportive of each other’s levels and goals. Bushi Ban isn’t just a place for working out, it’s a place for friends, community, and learning.

Workouts with Purpose

It’s hard to stick to a workout regimen when it feels like you’re just performing meaningless acts over and over. With Bushi Ban, your workouts have variety, meaning, utility, accountability, and clear progression. Whether you want to spar, stretch, grapple, or just get in shape, your efforts will have real-world payoff.

High-Energy Muscle Toning & Fat Burning

Whether it’s Power Kickboxing, Fighter’s Elite MMA, Martial Arts, Self Defense, or Afterschool training, each of our programs will challenge your body with both cardio and resistance activities.

Mental Strengthening

We not only teach physical fitness, but also mental integrity and the values needed to succeed in our modern world. Adaptability, perseverance, kindness, strength, individualism, open-mindedness, critical thinking, and much more. Each of these skills found in Martial Arts and in the Bushi Ban System.

An Ancient Tradition of Self-Defense

The art of self-defense reaches back millennia, and by partaking in its knowledge, you are climbing on the shoulders of giants to become the best person you can be— a true life warrior.