Black Belt Test 1

Test One

Test One is the first critical step in the Black Belt testing cycle. The students must demonstrate total command of the basic curriculum, which is the foundation of any great Martial Artist. Physical training is a crucial part of each test. Outside training is highly recommended in order to excel during these lengthy, and physically & mentally demanding examinations. Word Power responses as well as the Student Creed and 9 Principles of Black Belt Excellence must be individually performed. Candidates are expected to display tremendous enthusiasm from the first examination to the final test and graduation. Candidates are also expected to be ready and able to perform anything in the active curriculum, no matter how basic or advanced, including katas, mini katas, kicking combinations, stances, and blocking sets, as well as any offensive or defensive techniques requested by those who are administering the exam. Although the primary focus for the first examination is to display mastery of the basic curriculum, be ready for anything and you’ll do just fine