Black Belt Test 3

Test Three

Test Three can make or break you. For those students looking to show how well they cleaned up their kata or kicking combinations, it can really impress the testing board and other instructors. However, for those that think they are way out in front and can coast to a black belt, it can often spell disaster. Anyone thinking they are on the home stretch and can relax will get a wake-up call. The third test is the day all testing board members and instructors pay strict attention to all the details. Individual examinees who have been asked to improve certain areas of their curriculum in the prior tests are reexamined in those areas. The main focus is that all students perform to the best of their ability each testing day and show a steady increase in intensity and proficiency. Test Three is no “kata in the park.” It is a true test of your Martial Arts ability. No area of the curriculum will go unnoticed and no rock will be left unturned. Students will be challenged, you will sweat, and you will be pushed to your breaking point. Yet, it is all how we deal with adversity and stress that makes us a Bushi Ban Black Belt. Ultimately, it is that durability, dedication, perseverance, and indomitable spirit that will set us apart from every other Black Belt School.