Black Belt Test 4

Test Four

The Final Test is a culmination of every aspect of the Bushi Ban curriculum you have learned. This is the day where it all counts; where you will be challenged, tested, and scrutinized on all techniques of the Bushi Ban System of Martial Arts. If you have put in the hard work, long hours and late nights training, to perfect your skills and knowledge as a Bushi Ban Martial Artist, you will succeed and achieve something most will never attain, a Bushi Ban Black Belt. But it is up to you to earn it, as the path to mastery of Martial Arts and of your life is not an easy road. It will be one of the most challenging, but also rewarding aspects of your life. Your preparation and poise in the face of adversity and overcoming the challenges associated with an undertaking such as this will undoubtably prepare you for anything you encounter throughout your life.